Sustainability is not just a word to us. It is an ethos that underpins our entire organisation, making sure our impact on the environment is minimal.

At Saint, we take pride in the work we do to become more sustainable. Each month, we have approximately 20 Tonnes of carpet waste diverted from landfill, as well as 5 Tonnes of underlay. Alongside this, we have a firm commitment to convert the whole fleet from fossil fuel to electric/hybrid vehicles over the next three years. We actively partner with suppliers who share our environmental principles and source raw materials and products from sustainable sources. In addition to this, we also recycle plastics and cardboard, reducing our waste to a minimum.


The environment is extremely important to Saint Flooring.
Traditionally, the contract flooring sector is seen as a “dirty” industry with approximately 400 tonnes of carpet waste generated each year in the UK alone.

During 2019, Saint Flooring undertook an ambitious project to divert 90% of waste generated within the business away from landfill.

Saint Flooring are proud to be a member of Carpet Recycling UK

Electric vehicles

Saint Flooring are aware of the impact that standard petrol/diesel vehicles and their emissions have on the environment.
For this reason, we are committed to switching our entire fleet over the course of the next 3 years to fully electric/hybrid vehicles.

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We also provide interiors for UK housebuilders


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We also provide interiors for UK housebuilders

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